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The Man In The Lobby - Unmasking The Dark Side Of Selling "Transformation"

This 2-part piece from Beyond Academics partner Matt Alex uses a unique storyline to help higher ed leaders discover what is so broken and unsustainable about traditional consulting and “transformation” that was sold for so long [read part 1]

Think Entrepreneurially Or Face Extinction

From author and Beyond Academics partner Joe Abraham, here are some eye-opening realities of what higher ed leaders need to come to terms with in order to thrive in 2021 and thereafter. [Read Article]

3 Mission-Critical Strategy Pivots To Make In 2020

The pandemic response and return to campus plans for Fall 2020 for most schools were rooted in “old thinking”, and so they are failing. Managing Director of Consulting Services, John Thompson-Haas provides guidance on a better approach [Read More]

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