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Your Bio Is More Important Than Ours

This is usually the part of an “about us” page where companies show off lots of headshots and bios in hopes to impress you.

The reality is, we’re not the important ones. You are.

Sure, we could write about the decades of experience our people have in higher education, the big-brand firms we have worked for, the talks on TED stages, and appearances on broadcast TV news. But all that would do is boost our ego, and put the focus on us.

We’re much more about putting your name in lights, than shining a light on ourselves.

That said, if you’ve been tasked to do some due diligence on us prior to a friendly chat, here are some of our key staff you could look up.

Matt Alex I Joe Abraham I Fred Krueger I John Thompson-Haas I Gabrielle Kristofich I Sally Abraham I Joel Mathew

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