The WhiteBoard Session

Fresh Thinking, Innovative Best Practices, And A Future-Focused Approach

This 2-3 hour guided think-tank session is designed to help c-suites ideate and problem-solve in a confidential setting. Topics ranging from operational readiness and digital campus roadmapping, to enrollment, innovation & sustainability in the new normal are on the table for discovery and dissection.

You select the topics your c-suite wants to cover, and the Beyond Academics partners will select a highly seasoned team of experts to bring relevant ideas, best practices, and recommendations.  

Prior to the session, we provide the WhiteBoard participants with the opportunity to complete our BOSI Entrepreneurial DNA, and Culture of Innovation assessments. The outcomes of these team assessments are presented back to you during the WhiteBoard session. In addition to the value you receive from these assessment debriefs, they provide our advisory team with guidance on how to customize recommendations made during the session.

Within 3-5 business days of the WhiteBoard session’s completion, an executive summary of Beyond Academic’s findings and recommendations are provided back to the c-suite along with specific and actionable next steps.

This entire process is delivered virtually and with no fee or strings attached.

If you’d like to have a confidential conversation to evaluate if the WhiteBoard session is the right fit for your C-suite, simply book a pre-session with Matt Alex.