ThinkSpace Powered by Beyond Academics

ThinkSpace is an online forum/facility for interactive meetings.

ThinkSpaces are collaborative learning spaces. Attendees come here to have topical discussions with thought leaders, driven by professional facilitators and breakthrough technology. This isn’t about sitting in a breakout session or a 90-minute talk from an expert. It’s about being at the table to discuss future trends and their implications while getting real-time input from peers and industry leaders.


Experience Highlights

  • Zoom & OBS with high production quality
  • Facilitated by high energy moderators
  • Joined by topic experts from HEUG or market
  • Recorded to listen on demand
  • Session output (digital assets)

Thematic Differentiators from Traditional Sessions

Topics and discussions that move away from:

  • Process-driven design  >> impact/outcome-driven design
  • Institution centric design >> student-centric design

Modern collaboration & interaction tools

  • Not boring ppt presentations

Focuses on future & outcomes

  • Not best practices from the last 1-5 years

Not talking at you but with you

  • Everyone is engaged in the conversation through tech

What Makes The Environment So Engaging

Digital interactive boards

  • 75-inch interactive touchscreens with apps including YouTube video and whiteboards

Design Thinking approach

  • It’s about collaborative, interactive learning

Real-Time online collaboration

  • For all participants

Foster innovative strategy

  • Facilitators engage the audience vs. speaker talking for 90 mins


  • “man on the street” interviews featured on social media