Sustainable Transformation

Big Projects Come With Big Headaches ( & Hidden Risks)

Talk to some of your peers who have been through a major ERP/SIS implementation in the last 18 months and they’ll tell you what a nightmare it was to go through. SIS vendors say all the right things during the sales process, but when the rubber hits the road at the implementation, they typically don’t have the subject matter experts to anticipate the unique nuances of your campus – because they lack the campus experience.

As a result, a majority of higher education technology projects with $250,000 – $20,000,000 price tags fall prey to poor vendor performance and execution. The vendor moves on, and you are left to clean up the mess.

The pressure is on for manager and director-level leaders to find ways to make the seemingly impossible, possible.


Pre-Purchase Strategy Matters With Major Projects

Before you make a purchasing decision for a major campus transformation project, ask Beyond Academics to assist with the assessment and strategy roadmap for your campus. You’ll save six and seven figures in costs on the backend of your purchase by having our subject matter experts, industry futurists, and technology experts ensure the vendor you select is held accountable to the right standards. Here are just a few of the initiatives we are invited to pre-purchase strategy for:

  • ERP/SIS Upgrades
  • Workday & Oracle Cloud
  • Sales & Marketing (Salesforce & Slate)
  • Financial Aid Modernization (PowerFaid & SFP)
  • Software Selection Engagements
  • EAB At Risk Solutions

SMEs For A Major Implementation Shouldn’t Cost You $40,000-$50,000 Per Month

Traditional implementation models are outdated and costly. Consultants bill $300+ per hour for 40 hour work weeks for the life of the project. Most of the work could be done remotely without consuming 40 hours. Often the work they are tasked to do is accomplished in 8-20 of those hours. Beyond’s breakthrough digital consulting platform allows you to save money and bring you subject matter experts from within INSIDE higher ed (these are experienced experts who sit in your seat at another school) for a fraction of the cost of big consulting firms.

Who better to help you anticipate what can go wrong with a big project implementation, than someone who has just completed one on their own campus? Better yet, how about someone who has overseen dozens of similar implementations for multiple schools? These are the industry experts we bring to oversee your project so that costs are controlled, mistakes are minimized, and outcomes are achieved.

Beyond Academics has the global bench to drive project success on any major implementation on your campus.


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