Smart Panda Tools

Beyond Academics is proud to announce the acquisition of Smart Panda Tools. Together, we combine expert knowledge about the future of higher education with proven low-cost, high-ROI technology tools to get you there.

Student Mobility is the Future of Education

According to National Student Clearinghouse, 38% of college students transfer at least once within six years. That number will increase as the availability of digital coursework becomes more prevalent, making students more “transfer mobile.” Transfer students are today's new normal.

Advantages of Smart Panda Tools


Our tools are built as “Plug and Play” with rapid install and go live.


Our tools are one-of-a-kind, built with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


From design to delivery, our tools are rooted in decades of higher education experience, we know where the pain is and where maximum ROI can be gained.

Opening Doors to Transfers

Smart Panda Tools offers exclusive software and essential tools that will help to optimize and streamline the transfer process for both students and faculty.

  • Raptor Transcript Importer - No more manually entering student data from PDFs or Imaged transcripts. Raptor Transcript Importer scans documents and enters the data automatically. This truly unique software is completely proprietary and is the only tool of its kind in the market.

  • Transfer Now - For an increasing number of students, transferring credits is central to their academic experience, but there are often obstacles that stand in their way and slow down that process. The Transfer Now tool streamlines the process to allow uninhibited mobility for transfer students.

  • Transfer Self Assessment - This assessment tool will help you to quickly determine if your school is transfer-friendly.

  • Transfer Gateway - It is time to open the doors to students and make transferring easy. The Transfer Gateway allows students to:
      - Model their coursework with plans of transferring to your school.
      - Self-report their coursework.
      - View what credits you may grant them in real-time.
      - See what degree requirements their courses may fulfill.
      - Explore what majors their courses may count toward.

Now in Production at Over a Dozen Colleges and Universities