How We Serve

Let us help guide your campus transformation.

During the 2020 Post-Pandemic window, Beyond Academics is offering a specific body of assistance to higher education institutions.

The C-Suite WhiteBoard

This 3-4 hour guided think-tank session is designed to help c-suites ideate and problem-solve in a confidential setting. Topics ranging from operational readiness and digital campus roadmapping, to enrollment, innovation, and sustainability in the new normal can be covered. Depending on the top 1-3 topics your c-suite wants to cover, the Beyond Academics partners will select a highly seasoned team of experts to bring relevant ideas, best practices, and recommendations.  

Prior to the session, all participants complete proprietary assessments such as the BOSI Entrepreneurial DNA assessment, and Culture of Innovation assessment. The results of these assessments are presented as part of the WhiteBoard session, and results also impact the guidance provided.

Within 3-5 business days of the WhiteBoard session completion, an executive summary of Beyond Academic’s findings and recommendations are provided back to the c-suite along with specific and actionable next steps.

During the Summer and early Fall of 2020, the WhiteBoard session is delivered digitally (Zoom). However, institutions that are planning executive planning retreats may request for our team to join them there.


Any travel and related expenses will be billed separately.

Catalyst-As-A-Service (CaaS)

This highly disruptive replacement to traditional hourly-billed consulting allows institutions to engage a custom-selected, and highly seasoned team of subject matter experts, growth advisors, and innovation catalysts to advise at a fraction of the cost.

You simply pay a nominal base monthly fee over a 12-month term. For that base fee, your institution gets access to:    

  • Complimentary spots for c-suite and d-suite members in any learning summits and small-group strategic planning services we offer during the term.
  • Annual 1/2 day strategic planning session with c-suite with documented Strategic Action Plan (SAP)
  • Quarterly group session with d-suite aimed at innovation, ideation, problem solving and leadership development
  • Unlimited on-the-fly email and phone communications with your Beyond Academics advisory team
  •  As-needed collaborative sessions with other CaaS clients who we feel will benefit you in your planning and problem solving

If you are intrigued by the CaaS service and would like to further investigate the value of the Beyond Academics advisory team, please contact us and we will schedule a complimentary C-Suite WhiteBoard Session so your team can.

Email and we’ll schedule a discovery call.