FutureX Community

Join our fast-growing network of future-focused leaders from every part of higher education

People from all across the higher ed spectrum, from those just getting started in a new role, to managers, directors, and industry experts are coming together to be part of the various FutureX “tribes” we are building.

Pick your area of work, passion, or expertise (or pick several). Join a group aligned to those interests, and engage in conversation, collaboration, and community.


  • Understand what is currently happening & identify trends that will impact higher ed
  • What are the innovations that will foster transformation
  • Identify the domains and opportunities within to transform and enable exponential growth
  • Create various narratives that will educate

As part of this community, you’ll join TownHall discussions, ideation sessions and more, to craft the future.

The FutureX Framework

What – are the challenges facing X (areas)?

What – are the ways these areas can change to address the challenges?

What – does the future areas look like for these areas?

What – are the next-generation innovations for them to use to transform?

Start Here

The FutureX Podcast is where you can begin your journey with us. Subscribe and enjoy this free content as leaders from across the industry talk about the future of higher education. When a topic catches your attention, engage with us and let’s talk about how you can be part of shaping the future of that topic.