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Listen in as the Beyond Academics partners reflect on the last 12 months at the firm and the types of conversations they are having in a pandemic/post-pandemic world.


Here's an Example of a Project We Are Working On

It started with a college wanting to do a technology audit.

The audit led to some big “a-ha”s about business process, technology selection, governance, and institutional mindset that were holding back true transformation.

The recommendations from the audit happened to dovetail well with the President’s new strategic plan that called for significant transformation across the institution.

Within a 6 month window, we deployed our proprietary process to:

– Gather hundreds of constituent voices from across the institution

– Develop journey maps of the student, staff, and faculty experience 

– Identify all the pain points for each group, along with inefficiencies in business processes and technology

– Create a roadmap for optimization across all areas of the strategic plan 

– Engage multiple champion-led working groups in design thinking sessions to tackle each area of the President’s strategic plan and design (from within) innovative new solutions the institution will release in Spring 2022

– Repurpose unused space to stand up a Rapid Innovation Center at the school using our proprietary frameworks so that staff and faculty can bring their new ideas to be validated, designed, iterated, and deployed

We did all this for a fraction of the cost of a traditional consulting firm – because we don’t overbill with 40-hour workweeks. We bill for value creation and outcomes. 

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