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The Pressure Is On

Higher Ed is being tasked with thinking of new ways to save money and grow efficiency in a post-pandemic world. Now more than ever, you have to do more with fewer resources and less inter-staff support on campus.

The pressure is on for manager and director-level leaders to find ways to make the seemingly impossible, possible.


Micro-Innovations are the Answer

Contrary to popular belief, innovation on campus does not always mean a $20 million ERP system or the moving of consensus mountains to get something done. Everyone in the college enterprise can lead and innovate with micro-innovations that create small improvements. Having more of these micro-innovations created across a department can add up to significant success over time.

Example 1:

Today, the next generation technologies like Ai Automation or web service are streamlining back offices  and enabling frictionless student experiences. Leveraging proven capabilities that the digital consumers are used to in market. Bringing real transformation to the campus in weeks and not years.

At several of our clients we have fully automated the transfer credit process improving student recruitment and graduation numbers. The automation of the traditional manual processes enabled real time student transfer articulations to allow students to recognize their academic opportunities prior to the admission process and then positioned them on the right academic path to graduation.

Example 2:

A director of marketing observes that social media engagement with the target student audience is not as high as needed to achieve stated enrollment objectives. After a whiteboard strategy session with Beyond, a digital marketing agency specializing in this target audience is brought in. Within 60 days, a highly engaging video series is prepared and pushed out to market, leading to a 38% increase in engagement. For a relatively small sum of money, the director was able to tell the school’s story and gain viewership and engagement like never before.

Micro-Innovations are Happening Everywhere on Campus

Here’s just a short list of the types of engagements that Beyond is working on with clients around the world. These fast, low-cost, high-impact initiatives allow managers and directors to show meaningful outcomes within a budget year to position themselves for greater success in years to come:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Talent & Workforce Org Transformation
  • Ransomware Mitigation
  • Transfer Credit Modernization
  • Learning Optimization
  • Brand & Marketing Repositioning

We Can Help You Succeed

If you’re a manager or director involved in any office of the campus enterprise, and you’d like to get some fresh, innovative ideas on how to solve a problem, or take advantage of a new opportunity, contact us for a complimentary whiteboard session. We’d be glad to help you think through your next micro-innovation.

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