Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation is NOT for Everyone

Our research shows that less than 5% of higher education campuses are ready to be disruptive innovators in higher education. Critical ingredients including visionary leadership, embracing of an entrepreneurial mindset, and a willingness to accept change must be in place for true breakthroughs to happen. When the right elements are in place, however, there is the opportunity to deliver game-changing innovations that the rest of higher education will emulate in the future. If you are a school ready for true disruption, we can help.


Disruptive Innovation Does Not Have To Disrupt
The Core Organization

Many institutions and senior leaders fear that true innovation will require upsetting the proverbial apple cart – while breaking all the rules of consensus-driven leadership. That isn’t always true. We find that disruptive innovation can start with a small “island of excellence” or skunkworks area – where those with Innovator DNA™️ are given a fertile ground to do what they do best. As the frameworks for rapid innovation are laid into these smaller areas of the college, the breakthrough results eventually percolate throughout the entire university.

Disruptive Innovation Is Not To Be Pursued Alone

There isn’t an innovative brand you come in contact with today that does not go outside of itself for market intelligence, voice-of-the-customer insight, strategic input, and competitive analysis. These are just a few of the ways we can come alongside your senior leadership team in any big idea you are pursuing. Here are just a few of the initiatives we are working on in the disruptive innovation lane.

  • Blockchain Learning Portfolios
  • Digital Wallets
  • Educational Marketplace
  • Campus Re-imagination
  • Competency Based Education
  • Flipped Campus

Schedule a Complimentary P-Suite/C-Suite WhiteBoard

Give us 2-3 hours of strategy time to demonstrate what we can do to help you bring your initiative to market faster and safer than going it alone. Find out how we think, and experience the value-add of spending a couple of high-output hours roadmapping your plans. You’ll be glad you did.