Consulting & Advisory


Say goodbye to traditional consulting, and say hello to on-demand expertise with budget-friendly billing

Traditional consulting has (for too long) taken advantage of higher education. 40-hour work week minimums, with $175+ billing rates for someone to sit on your campus doing very little, must come to an end.

Beyond Academics is here to transform how consulting and advisory services are delivered to higher education. Here’s how we do it.

  1. Quick Projects: If it only takes 2 hours to fix something in your SIS system, you shouldn’t have to pay for 40 hours because of some consulting firm minimum. We’re expanding on a global network of certified gig workers with vetted backgrounds and expertise who can be deployed to solve quick-fix solutions. The best part is, we oversee and manage the process for you – ensuring every engagement has a high-quality output.
  2. Short-term Engagements: For small-to-mid-sized engagements, we have a multi-disciplinary team of experts ready to deploy for you. From technology assessment, and enrollment sustainability roadmaps, to engagements designed to activate entrepreneurial mindset and innovation, we can custom-tailor a solution that meets your objectives, and budget. Through each of these engagements, we focus on outcomes-based measurables, transparent billing, and breakthrough collaboration technology that allows remote/virtual engagements to be delivered with excellence.
  3. Advice-On-Demand: Sometimes the best outcomes don’t come from consultants who are in for an engagement, and out 90 days later. Short-term engagements often miss the perspective, and deep insight into the culture, politics, and unique nuances of your college enterprise. For some schools and situations, it is better to have an entrenched advisor who isn’t just “in-and-out” but rather an installed part of the strategic advisory team. More importantly, the right person has the experience and ability to roll up their sleeves and get important things done on behalf of the board or President. Our innovative Catalyst-As-A-Service offering allows Beyond Academics partners and senior leaders to become part of your strategy team for a subscription-based fee that is less than the cost of a mid-level admin. The advisory team we assign to you is available on-demand, and we don’t track hours for billing. For C-suites that are embarking on big new initiatives, and market-leading innovations, Catalyst-As-A-Service is a highly cost-effective, high-value way to not go it alone.
  4. FutureX Consulting: For trailblazing Chancellors and Presidents who are driven to be the change, rather than wait for it, only Beyond Academics has the team that can come alongside and nimbly assist in ensuring vision turns into reality. Some of the most visionary leaders in higher ed are already working with us in this capacity, so if you are a Chancellor or President with a vision for wholesale transformation of how your brand delivers higher education, talk to us about what we can do for you.

Getting More Information

You’re welcome to schedule a chat directly with our senior partner Matt Alex to discuss something on your mind. If the conversation requires more minds in the room, we will then invite you to a complimentary WhiteBoard session. Either way, our commitment is to always leave you better off than before you met us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.