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It’s “Thrive Or Die” Time In Higher Education

Unless you are sitting on billions of dollars in endowment, chances are you have to engage in some serious post-pandemic transformation. From technology and the student experience, to pedagogy, and enrollment strategy, every aspect of the campus enterprise must be re-imagined for the future.


We’re The Team Visionary Leaders Long For

Beyond Academics is the firm that transformational leaders look to for guidance, and hands-on execution as they lead their organizations out of a slow, silo-controlled, institution-centric business model, to an inclusive, modern, and student-centric approach rooted in Financial Sustainability.

If that sounds like you, then review some of our main practice areas. Each area is led by a proven leader with decades of industry experience, and supported by a global network of subject matter experts as well as our full-time staff.

Our Practice Areas

M&A and Turnarounds: With deep mergers and acquisitions experience both inside and outside higher education, our executives in residence come alongside your board and c-suite to design the optimal M&A strategy, identify targets, facilitate negotiations, and participate in post-transaction integration.

Student Lifecycle and Enrollment Optimization: The heartbeat of your institution is fed by your enrollment strategy and student experience. If your enrollment strategy feels stuck, catch this episode of the FutureX podcast. If your student journey is not well on its way to feeling like an Uber, Amazon, or Netflix experience, it’s time to invite us to help you map the friction points, and optimize the student experience.

Finance Transformation Strategy: An institution’s capacity to sustain and grow is tied directly to the quality of business decisions being made – based on world-class strategy, and actionable data insights. Our expertise includes design of financial systems, budget financial planning, reporting and data analytics, data literacy and decision making, governance, and the business-minded pursuit of alternative revenue streams. When all these areas are integrated into one financial strategy, and deployed across the organization, great things are possible.

Intrapreneurship and Leadership Development: For transformation to be possible, your people have to be growing professionally. Our research has found the direct correlation between the activation of entrepreneurial mindset and the achievement of breakthrough outcomes in an organization. But how do you achieve that safely within the culture of higher education? From 1/2 day activation events, to the standing up of your own professional development platform or leadership academy, we have the people, intellectual property, and platforms needed to identify and develop top talent across the institution. With the great resignation taking its toll on higher education, there is no better investment a college can make, than into its professional development platform.

Digital Strategy and Technology Transformation: CIOs of institutions across the globe look to us to help them craft their technology strategy, and design the technology stack to support the campus of the future. Gone are the days of SIS-based transformation. Today’s tech transformation is based on modern, nimble, low-cost technologies with fast implementation, and high ROI. Designing the roadmap for your institution is not something to go it alone. From 2-week IT assessments, to year-long technology transformations, we have a menu of services for you to choose from.

Executive Transition Labs and ThinkSpaces: Our flagship service for incoming executives and their teams are all about clarifying vision, crystallizing an operating roadmap, designing a culture manifesto, and communicating these assets with clarity across the organization. We use proprietary processes, leading edge technology, and world class facilitators to ensure incoming leaders have success and momentum in their first year in a new role.

Strategic Plan Design, Activation, and Turnarounds: Most colleges don’t have a strategic plan. Of the ones that do, most sit on a shelf as the institution’s various leaders operate in silos with very little alignment between each other. Beyond Academics helps transformational leaders solve this problem by helping design future-focused plans. More importantly, we have proprietary ways to “activate” that plan in the hearts and minds of faculty, staff, students, and other constituents. As the old saying goes “execution eats strategy for breakfast”. We help you win at both.

Brand Re-Positioning, Communications, Messaging & Customer Acquisition: If the word “customer” scares you, our brand agency HERO is likely not a fit for you. However, for leaders who recognize they are in the fight of their lives to remain relevant, engage potential learners, and convert them to paying customers, we have what your in-house marketing communications department likely lacks. From exceptional ghost writers to build your personal brand, and designers with big agency backgrounds, to cinematographers who tell engaging stories about your school, we complement your in-house team with world class brand communications necessary to thrive. Learn more about HERO agency here.


How Can We Help Your Transformation?

If you’re a campus executive tasked with navigating the road to transformation in your department or institution, and you’d like to get some fresh, innovative ideas on how to get there, contact us for a complimentary whiteboard session. We’d be glad to help you think through that roadmap.

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