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Other Posts

“The 5 Biggest Lessons We’ve Learned About How Coronavirus Spreads on Campus” by Francie Diep for The Chronicle of Higher Education

As the threat of COVID-19 continues, we are learning more about how the virus spreads on campuses. With this new information, we can take more targeted safety precautions and hopefully reduce the infection rate of students and faculty who still attend classes in person.

BA Bold Thoughts:

  • Classrooms are not major spreaders, but social gatherings outside of school. With little control over social gatherings off-campus, is it wise to continue in-person classes?
  • How is your organization dealing with the spread of the virus on campus? What about off-campus?

Let us know your thoughts and answers to these questions.

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Doubts About Going to College by Scott Jaschik for Inside Higher Ed

“More than one-third of prospective college students are reconsidering higher education in light of the coronavirus pandemic.”

BA Bold Thoughts:

  • Does remote learning offer enough value to students?
  • Younger students are less likely to find value in online learning, how can we shift this way of thinking? At Beyond Academics, we think the answer is creating a stronger inline culture.

Let us know your thoughts and answers to these questions.

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